Partnerships and Synergies


Building education partnerships with trust at their core


As an accredited and award-winning private online school, iCademy Middle East has the unmatched capability to not only deliver varied academic programmes to private clients, but to support and enhance the academic offering within other educational institutions.

iCademy Middle East offers partner schools access to online resource-based learning that can further support the needs of students. The benefits of this system can be seen through the ability of partners to expand their course offering and extra-curricular academic programmes to parents and students, without the need to increase staff numbers.

By partnering with us, you can:

  • Add in extra AP courses without the need for extra resources
  • Use us as your curriculum provider offering a wide variety of courses across from kindergarten through to 12th grade
  • Offer a summer school programme for additional, advanced, or accelerated learning as well as for academic recovery
  • Offer extra support for students with special needs or learning difficulties
  • Add part-time courses to strengthen your existing curriculum
  • Include blended learning in your current programme
  • Provide a curriculum to support your current programme; this can be full-time or part- time


iCademy Middle East is pleased to offer this programme to partners in traditional schools, learning/tutoring centres, schools and centres specialising in special educational needs and disability, medical centres, and corporate entities.

To get more information on how iCademy Middle East can assist you, please feel free to contact our business development team to discuss potential synergies.

Contact us: +971 4 440 1212

We are actively seeking to invest in the education sector, please feel free to contact our business development team to discuss potential synergies.