Who We Can Help

You may be looking at homeschooling your children for many reasons. This is a supremely personal decision and one that can seem overwhelming if you have never participated in a home school program. But no matter your reasons for looking into homeschooling, iCademy Middle East has the ability to cater to you – and your children’s – specific educational needs, appropriate to their ability, learning style, and personal interests.

Our flexible programs are tailored to support individual, self-paced, and structured learning. The online school is for grades K-12 and the Learning Centers cater for children from kindergarten through to grade 12.

Students that benefit from the iCademy Middle East model are:

  • Gifted and talented and require timetable flexibility
  • Advanced learners who outstretch their peers academically
  • Those that may have learning difficulties, special educational needs or disabilities
  • Children that have been excluded from school
  • Individuals that suffer from social anxiety
  • Children that have been bullied in a school setting
  • Those requiring additional support
  • Students that respond well to learning outside the traditional environment
  • Those that move regularly and for whom bricks and mortar schools are not appropriate (military families for instance)
  • Those that cannot get a place in a bricks and mortar school and/or are on waiting lists
  • Those that are not being challenged enough at school
  • Expat children living in the GCC without access to high-quality bricks and mortar schools