Summer School

Our program

iCademy Middle East’s Summer school 2018 program offers high school students a wide variety of teacher-supported courses specifically designed for the summer months. The Summer school course list outlines the courses available. These are the same quality courses offered during the school year, but each summer school course has been condensed to four weeks (20 instructional days) for the summer. Students are expected to commit 4–5 hours a day for each summer course.

Please note that Summer Terms 1 and 2 will be for Part A of a course, and Summer Terms 3 and 4 will be for Part B of a course.

A student will be eligible to take the Credit Recovery course if they have failed the Original Credit course prior (includes study undertaken at another school).

Summer school at iCademy Middle East offers students the opportunity to catch up, get ahead, and even try new electives so that they can start the next academic year in a strong position.

For any inquiries regarding our Summer school program, please contact our enrollment team