Special Educational Needs

We believe that special educational needs is underserved aspect of education in the Middle East. We offer a fully inclusive program for children. We recognise that every child has individual needs that require tailored support.

We currently have a number of children with special educational needs and we encourage you to inquire about our support for these children.


iCad+ provides a unique program for students with special educational needs. We target both academic objectives and personal development. Additionally we also offer transitional life and employment skills in our group iCad+ Employability.


These full-time programs available in our Learning Center in Dubai Knowledge Park, (Sunday through Thursday) provides a balanced and carefully blended educational program for students with broader learning goals than provided in a traditional school setting. In these programs we cater for students, aged between 13 and 17, with a range of general learning difficulties. We provide a safe, intimate environment where they have the opportunity to develop valuable personal and social skills.

Our main objective is to prepare students for their transition to life as young adults; therefore, our educational focus is in areas which promote independence, responsibility, communication, and the ability to reflect on personal choices.

Students will be encouraged to take responsibility for their own learning, to be self-motivated and self- reliant. An increased focus on independence and maturity requires parental support and encouragement of these objectives. Goals will be shared with parents in order to consolidate skills in the Learning Center and at home.

We combine K12 core academic subjects with an ASDAN accredited qualification in Personal and Social Development and, where appropriate, we support the development of English as a second language.

Our student to learning coach ratio in iCad+6 is 6:1. Our aim for students in this Group is that they are guided to work as independently as they can, in order to become more self – reliant learners.

iCad+ Employability

ASDAN Employability is a program geared towards young people (17 +) for whom a job is a realistic aim within a reasonable timescale, but who are not yet ready for employment. It develops a baseline of skills for employability which builds up confidence, enabling students to transition to appropriate vocational training schemes or employment as young adults.

This full-time program available at our Learning Centres in Dubai, (Sunday through Thursday) offers an engaging curriculum which provides students with a range of opportunities to develop skills for learning, employment and life. Students have the opportunity to achieve either an Award or Certificate in two ASDAN accredited qualifications: Employability and Personal Social Development.

The young people will be engaged through a variety of learning opportunities including active discussion, written work, practical assignments and, where possible, work experience sessions. A portfolio of evidence will be compiled to show that they have met the full requirements of the qualification which will be awarded after external moderation.