Learning Center

Learning Center


The iCademy Middle East Learning Center based in Dubai Knowledge Park offers a supportive and friendly environment where our individualized style of learning meets the strengths and needs of your child.

We recognize that in some cases, providing a full-time learning coach can be difficult. Our learning center provides a reliable solution part-way between a traditional ‘bricks and mortar’ school and an online learning environment. Our learning center offers full access to teachers and resources at any time. Students attending the learning center will be assessed for their learning styles and have a specific program tailored to their specific requirements. This personalized approach to education allows students to feel supported and understood as they complete each stage of our comprehensive online curriculum.

Our qualified Learning Coaches provide guided instruction and face-to-face support to ensure students are fully aware of their daily assignments and subject requirements. They provide instruction at a level that makes our curriculum more accessible and manageable for all of our students. Very often students can become overwhelmed when they first embark on the journey of online learning, where independence and self-motivation are key skills. Our Learning Coaches are that vital link between your child and their online teachers, aiding their development as self-directed learners.

We offer program for all students from Kindergarten right through to the end of secondary education. Our center is designed to support the ages and grade levels of the students, making sure that all children feel confident and comfortable among their peer group.

Once we have met with your family, we will work together to select the program most suitable for your family’s needs.